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What is Gmailify?

What is Gmailify ?

With advancements you can now secure your all mail accounts as Gmail. With the powerful features of Gmailify you can secure your inbox organization and protect your account from spam emails and much more. This Gmailify app simply links your existing Mail account to Gmail so that you get all the features in your mailing account in an easier manner.

Now with the features of Gmailify app you can merely guard your non-Gmail accounts from spam. Gmailify helps you to manage your various accounts and handle your email folders, shield your inbox from spams mails.

If you want to use Gmailify then you need to open your Gmail app and sign into your account for which you want Gmailify features. You can simply unlink your mailing account with Gmailify when you don’t want to use the app features. To get started with the advanced features of app follow the given below steps:

Steps to Gmailify your account

  • To use Gmailify on your android device you need to open up the Gmail app and signing in to your account (Outlook, Hotmail or Yahoo) which you want to Gmailify account.
  • Now after this click on the three bars icon in the top left of the Gmail application to open the list of the menu.
  • Go to the settings option and click on it.
  • After this click on the account (Yahoo, Hotmail or Outlook) which you want to link and then click on 'Link Account'.

Unlink your address from Gmailify

  • To unlink an account from Gmailify you need to simply open the Gmail app.
  • Now in the top left, click on the 3 dot option.
  • Go to the settings and click on it.
  • After this click on the mailing account which you'd like to unlink from your Gmailify app.
  • Finally tap on the "Linked Account" option to Unlink.

Gmailify features include:

  • With the help of this app you can protect your mailing account from spam mails and thus defend it from phishing mails.
  • You can easily sort your emails automatically.
  • App helps you in keeping folders separate.
  • Offer you with quicker search.
  • Provides advanced search operators.
  • Gmailify app helps you to add travel and hotel reservations features in your mailing account.
  • Provides you notifications in an enhanced way.

In case you confront any sort of difficulty in applying the above-mentioned steps to use the Gmailify features in your mailing account, then you can simply get connected to a third party tech service providing company and get solutions according to your needs. You can also dial a toll-free customer support number and get relevant help from the specialist technicians to resolve the issue right away.

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