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How to Sign In To Multiple Accounts in Gmail?

Lots of people want to use and maintain multiple accounts of their Gmail accounts for a number of reasons. These multiple accounts help users to maintain their personal and official work simultaneously. With the help of multiple accounts you can save your time and manage your work accordingly. Now with Gmail you can simply keep up to 10 accounts open at the same time for your personal and business use. You can easily control your multiple accounts as all the accounts have different settings. As you know when you sign in to multiple accounts at the same time the settings aren't shared between the accounts. You can use different themes and language settings for each account according to your requirements.

In this post you will complete information about how to sign into multiple accounts. While signing in to multiple accounts you should keep in mind that your accounts have different settings, but sometimes the default settings of the account might apply.

Steps to Sign In To Multiple Accounts in Gmail

Add accounts

  • First of all, open the browser of your choice and go to and sign in to your account by entering your password and email id.
  • After this on the right top, choose your profile image.
  • Then in the menu option select on Add account option.
  • After this you can type your another account credentials (email id and password) and continue to sign in.
  • Your second Gmail account will be added. In case you want to add more account in Gmail then follow the same instructions to sign in to the account as you applied above.

How to Switch or use multiple accounts

  • For this, simply sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Now in the right corner, choose your profile image of the account.
  • On the menu, choose the account which you want to use.
  • You can also switch accounts in some Google apps on your mobile device. The steps to switch accounts vary by app.

It’s good that you sign in to multiple Gmail accounts only if you don't share your device with other people.

Sign out

  • Always keep in mind when you sign out of your one Gmail account, you will be automatically sign out of all your accounts on that browser.
  • For this go to
  • Now choose your account profile image.
  • After this select sign out.

In case you confront any sort of difficulty while using these steps to sign in to multiple accounts in Gmail then you can simply get connected to a third party tech service providing company by dialing a toll-free customer support phone number for Gmail and get instant help from certified experts instantly.

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